~automatic case updates~

Managing your case load just got easier. With CASEfax, you fill receive a fax any time there is movement on your selected cases. All the most recent activity (going back six months) will be sent to you automatically without any itnervention. No twenty four hour delay on important searches. No more sending staff all over town for court dockets. Don't waste any more valuable time.

CASEfax allows you to:

  • News on recent filings
  • Get the latest on all movements
  • Chrionicle day-by-day events of court activities
  • Get specific facts right from the source
  • Check on hearing dates and deadliness
To see how complete, concise, and easy to read CASEfax is, look at the sample on the next page.

CASEfax is available for a nominal fee of just $10 per fax, for up to four pages, and each additional page is $0.5 cents. And your cost go down with increased use.

Filing Dates, Hearing dates, Deadlines, Dispositions, Notices, Schedules, Pleadings, Motions, Applications, Orders . . .

Just by entering the four digit district number in the first field, case year in the second and case number third a click on the select button retrieves a case.

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