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Data Center Colocation

Our first class data center colocation service is a cost effective alternative to housing your equipment at your own facility and is designed for customers who would like to connect directly to our Internet backbone. Customers can colocate servers as backups for their equipment at their building, or choose to house their primary systems at a secure Aweb facility.

Our Colocation facility boasts premium space built according to uniform environmental and security standards.

+ Security: Multi-layer security control procedures, 24 x 7 security guard and closed-circuit video and alarm monitoring
+ Power: Uninterruptible redundant AC and DC power solutions that are flexible and upgradeable - meeting all types of customer needs
+ Cooling: HVAC redundant design with air distribution under raised flooring for maximum temperature control
+ Fire Suppression: Smoke detection system above and below raised floor; double-interlock, pre-action, dry-pipe fire suppression
+ High Bandwidth: Fiber optic Network provides non-oversubscribed Internet Connectivity

Starting $299 per month.

Curious as to what exactly all this looks like? Click below.

90th Broad Street
6th Hudson Street


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